Can You just Imagine?


Can You just Imagine?
Have you read your book at least one hundred times? Do you envision every scene and incident in your mind so real it plays in your head like a movie or TV show?
Silly question to any author, right?  We all play our story line over and over. But if you really think your book is movie, play, or TV worthy. I recommend you finding a good source and committing to a Hollywood Coverage document.
This professional document is written by a Hollywood screenwriter and your book will be read, and proofed to be given a grade for other adaptations. The book is given a Logline, which is the one sentence that encapsulates your entire story theme.  You will get a Rating on the Concept, Story, and Characters.  A Brief Summary comes next which is a paragraph to put it into perspective, along with a Synopsis which can be three to seven pages of your entire story boiled down to details and events. Finishing the document with Comments and Suggestions on your Concept, Story and Characters.
The recommendation for Adaptation is important and then the best medium for Adaptation is chosen for your work. The entire process takes months and this document gives you the “no” or “go” to present your work to Hollywood.
Once I received my Hollywood Coverage back on my book with an “A-” rating, I was off to Hollywood to represent my book. So if you have the courage and a few extra dollars to chance your story as a movie, play or TV show then rev up and jump I with both feet. Why stop now, writing is your expression and your audience may be waiting at the theater!
Enjoy the Journey, it’s the beginning of new frontiers!
Mischelle Endsley, Author of  “Heaven Sent” A Legacy of Love from Human, to Angel, to Canine



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