So you want to become an author…

So you want to become an author…

That’s great!  Stop thinking about all the details behind becoming an author and just write.  Start where you are at and make a decision to make it happen.  Stop with the excuses because they haven’t been fulfilling you anyways.  Dedicate 15 or more minutes each day to writing, this is your time (preferably the same time each day so you form a habit).  You have the time, just eliminate some of your wasted time and turn it towards something you will get much more joy and fulfillment from.  Turn off the TV, drop the newspaper and spend a little less time on social media and get it done!

Only you can make your dreams come true but you are not going to do it with excuses.  Decide, persist and just make it happen!

Kit McCann, Author of the MOVING 4WARD series!


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