A Message From Us

Hello and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come by and visit our little home on the internet.

Who are we and why was this website created?

We the local authors in Windsor Essex County are striving to put this area on the literary map by showcasing Windsor Essex’s literary talent and to strengthen our community by giving children the motivation to read, write and excel in life.  By changing just one daily habit a child’s life can be totally transformed forever.  We aim to introduce young people to a variety of fiction and non-fiction works.We will make children aware of different styles, genres, authors and illustrators. We will work with schools and libraries to teach children good reading and creative writing behaviours. We will inspire students to read and write for pleasure.  We have about 200 local authors in this area and each author has their very own unique and special message for the world.


“I love this area and have a vision to help put this area on the literary map and inspire children to read, write and excel further in life then they themselves have possibly envisioned.  Children are our future and what better way to keep this area a successful, supportive and safe environment then by putting them first!  Live and Be Your Purpose!”  Kit McCann – Inspirational Author


“Times are difficult for authors as we continue to be bombarded by a rapidly changing landscape – especially those of us who still want to write books of one sort or another. Authors in Windsor Essex are taking matters into their own hands and working together to help each other in order to learn how to manage that change. We are also acutely aware that the generations coming behind us are crucial to our literary future and in addition to paying attention to our own literary well being, we are committed to inspiring young people to read and write. Local authors are putting our region on the literary map. Just watch us.” Veronique Mandal – Author and award winning Journalist


“Have you ever thought about where success comes from?  It begins with an original idea, then gains power with support, and is fueled by passion to become reality.  The best proof of that is the Windsor Essex Author’s Event.  Finally Kit McCann has provided the local authors and poets  a place to gather, share, and to support one another in order we may meet the public and introduce our loving efforts.  Our children are our tomorrow’s leaders and what better way to get them started by encouraging and inspiring them to read.  Our children’s section will spark the potential of imagination and for the adults we have a smorgasbord of delights.  Our first event was a huge success and I know you will not want to miss our second annual event coming up November 2013.  Mark your calendars now and experience reading at it’s finest with local authors who just might be your neighbours.  Please come out and support us as you will not be disappointed at the huge selection.  See you there.  Can’t wait!”                                                                                                Lynn Fitzsimmons – Author and inspirational speaker


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