Book Expo

The Windsor Essex Book Expo is no longer running but we would like to thank everyone who helped out and supported us.


2012 – 2014 Book Expo’s

Group Picture of the 2012 Windsor Essex Authors Book Expo

Group Picture of the 2012 Windsor Essex Authors Book Expo

The 1st Annual Windsor Essex Book Expo 2012 – we had 52 Local Authors

Back row (4th)     Tom Omstead, Maurice Marwood, Karen Ouellete, Bryan Prince, Rene Caza, Dale Moore, Jamie Williams, Phil Marzec, Patrick James, Willie (authors assistant), Doug Peters, Mick Ridgewell, Chris Carter, Jim Bondy, Cris Kohl,

3rd row     Bryan Deal & Alice Brode (authors assistants), Jonathan Pollard, Lenore Langs, Lynn Fitzsimmons, Rick Murphy, JoAnn Loeffen-Thompson, Antonia Vlcek, Sohan Koonar, Cornelis Boon, Edward Michael Raymond, Veronique Mandal, Herb Colling,

2nd row     Michael Brode, James Mays, Maeve Omstead Johnston, Lisa McGuire, Kate Benedet, Joyce Bell, Cynthia Stella Peters, Linda Flay, Vesna Bailey, Jane Berthiaume, Kimberly Seguin, Louise Gagne,

1st row     Kit McCann, Laurie Smith, David Wilkinson, Beverly May Killaire, Murandy Damodred (authors assistant), Justine Alley Dowsett, Linda Lord, Courtney Gilbert, Allison Knight, Lauren Knight

Authors not in this picture     Author & Photographer – Spike Bell (, also missing in this picture is Bhupinder Singh, Jane Buttery, Wendy Taylor, Chirs Edwards, Elaine Weeks & David Dicaire.  Authors registered but couldn’t make it because of work or illness – Danielle Findlay, Patricia Fenton McKenzie & Brian Sweet


The 2nd Annual Windsor Essex Book Expo – 2013 Group Shot by Sam Baillargeon

The 2nd Annual Windsor Essex Book Expo 2013 – we had 66 Local Authors

Front Row – Allison Knight, Lauren Knight, Matthew Freake, Samantha Westlake, Kathleen Westlake, Kit McCann, Murandy Damodred, Justine Alley Dowsett, Jack Bennett Sr., Phil Marzec, Laurie Smith

Second Row – Maeve Omstead Johnston, Gary May, Linda Lord, Kim Seguin, Antonia Vlcek, Veronique Mandal, Deborah Pillon, Barbara Sandre, Linda Flay, Cynthia Stella Peters, Jane Buttery, Mikki Noble, Elaine Weeks

Third Row – Herb Colling, Spike Bell, Anna Byrne, Anthony Maria, April Fawler, Dan Bissonnette, (Alice Brode assistant), Alice Brode, Edward Raymond, Esther Meerschaut, Julia Miller, Connie Latam, Lynn Fitzsimmons, James C. Mays, Chris Edwards

Fourth Row – Cris Kohl, Mischelle Endsley, Tom Omstead, Jamie Williams, Ed Gagnon, Doug Peters, Patricia Fenton McKenzie, Roy Patrick James, Carol Biddle, Dawn Hawkins, Christopher Canniff, Mary Kate Brogan

Fifth Row – Rene Caza, Michael Mendler, Chris Carter, Brian Sweet, Mick Ridgewell, Glen Hawkes, Matthew Bhanks, Dale Moore, Denis Robillard

Authors not in this picture – Melissa McCormick, Justin Duff, Jim Bondy, Tracy Summerfield, Maureen Byrne, Andrew Bradley and Rosine Mailloux


The 3rd Annual Windsor Essex Book Expo – 2014 Group Shot by Sam Baillargeon

The 3rd Annual Windsor Essex Book Expo 2014 – we had 64 Local Authors

Matthew Bhanks, Jim Bondy, Alice Brode, Joanna Bullard, Jane Buttery, Christopher Canniff, Chris Carter, Millie Clark, Murandy Damodred, Mischelle Endsley-Deneau, Justine Alley Dowsett, Sam Dragich, Michael Drakich, Robin Martin Duttman, Grant Fairley, Lynn Fitzsimmons, Linda Flay, Joan Forsberg, Matthew Freake, Ed Gagnon, Connie Gamriel, Andrew George, Jessica Gouin, Christine Gross, Raymond Hogan, Roy James, Erik Johnson, Antoine Khoury, Cris Kohl, Bud LaBranche, Christian Laforet, Lenore Langs, Connie Latam, Sharon Ledwith, Linda Lord, Veronique Mandal, Maurice Marwood, Phil Marzec, James C. Mays, Kit McCann, Patricia Fenton McKenzie, Esther Meershaut, Dale Moore, Leslie Nadon, Cynthia Stella Peters, Doug Peters, Steve Pronger, Edward Raymond, Ryan Richardson, Mick Ridgewell, Kaye Rockey, Barbara Sandre, Kim Seguin, Bill Sherk, Christa Simpson, Laurie Smith, Pam Stradeski, Brian Sweet, Holly Switzer, JoAnn Thompson, Shelley Tudin, Kathleen Westlake, Samantha Westlake





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